Kongsberg Kommunale Eiendom

HYON signs Letter of Intent for a complete hydrogen plant with Kongsberg Kommunale Eiendom

May 27, 2019
HYON AS has signed a LoI for a hydrogen solution for seasonal storage of solar energy to Kongsberg municipality. The scope covers an EPCIC contract (Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Installation-Commissioning) of a hydrogen plant for a new secondary school facility. 

The plan is to build a system that will produce hydrogen through electrolysis, allow hydrogen to be stored over time and then used to produce electricity through fuel cells. HYON will be responsible for system integration of all systems as well as the design, fabrication and delivery of a turnkey container solution that includes all the hydrogen systems. If the project materializes the intention is to use a fuel cell from PowerCell Sweden AB and an electrolyser from Nel Hydrogen. 

Technical Director at HYON, Arild Eiken says: “Kongsberg Kommunale Eiendom is building what is called a plus house, meaning that the school building will produce enough energy to cover construction, materials, operation of the building throughout its lifetime, and demolition of the building. In addition, Kongsberg Kommunale Eiendom has installed solar panels and water-borne heating systems that will supplement HYON’s planned delivery which is used for hydrogen and power production. So, we store solar energy in the form of hydrogen, and heat and power are exchanged with the plus house.” 

Says Tomas Tronstad, Managing Director of HYON: “With this project, Kongsberg municipality demonstrate that it is an innovative and forward-looking organization within environmental and energy issues. We are proud of the cooperation with the municipality in this project, and happy to be able to assist with the practical solutions to their needs”.

With steadily falling prices for renewable energy, HYON’s hydrogen solutions are attractive for long-term storage of energy with zero emissions throughout the energy chain. Hydrogen is today mostly used as a raw material in the industry but is increasingly in focus as a medium for storing energy and as a fuel in the transport sector. HYON AS is a joint venture owned by Nel ASA, Hexagon Composites ASA and PowerCell Sweden AB.

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