SIA Hydrogenis

Awarded contract in Latvia for delivery of new dual hydrogen fueling solution for cars and buses.

Who: SIA Hydrogenis
Where: Riga
Project desc.:
Product: H2Station®
Quantity: 1
Value: EUR 1.5 million

Oslo, 28 September 2016
Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of Nel ASA(OSE: NEL), has been awarded a contract by SIA
Hydrogenis, a leading hydrogen project developer in Latvia, for the delivery of the new dual capability H2Station®, which offers
a combined hydrogen fueling solution for cars and buses in Riga.

“We are very pleased to have been awarded a contract to offer the H2Station® in Riga. Latvia represents an exciting market for Nel, and this
is also the first customer where we provide a combined fueling solution for both cars and buses. This new dual vehicle fueling capability is an
additional feature for our H2Station® product, maximizing the infrastructure utilization, volume throughput and return on investment, in one
attractive solution,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, Senior Vice President of Nel Hydrogen Solutions.
The H2Station® bus fueling capability is offered as an add-on feature to fueling solutions for cars, or as a separate solution dedicated for
fleets of buses, enabling simultaneous dual-pressure refueling at 700bar for cars and 350bar for buses.
Following the SIAHydrogenis contract, Nel will deliver a turn-key hydrogen station solution, including storage facilities and dispensers for cars
and buses.
The H2Station® contract has a total value or EUR 1.5 million and is planned for delivery in middle of 2017.